We previously talked about some common hair misconceptions, but decided there were a few more that are not only helpful, but interesting.


 Split ends can be repaired.

Unfortunately, this one is simple science. Regardless of what a product promises, once the hair shaft is split, nothing can repair it. Trims are your friend when the hair has been damaged.



 Grey hair is caused by stress.

Maybe you have seen drastic photos that are trying to show that under situations of severe stress, someone has become significantly more grey. The truth is, grey hair is genetic. It is basically the loss of pigment in the hair shaft, and is genetically predisposed and will happen with aging.

**Bonus myth bust, tea will not reverse grey hair. It may add some temporary color, but it will not reverse grey hair.


Going outside with wet hair will make you sick.

This is my favorite. A cold is caused by a virus. Not wet hair. Not cold weather. As  a matter of fact, a virus needs warmth and moisture to grow. So that cold you got was most definitely not due to your wet hair. I doubt your grandma will believe  you, but we tried!

There are tons of myths and misconceptions about hair and beauty. We hope to keep you informed and able to make the decisions you need to live your best hair life!