Want to do some Holiday Specials but aren’t sure where to begin?


There are so many ways to market yourself during the holiday season, that it may almost seem like marketing overwhelm! Most of us feel like, where do I even start? We say simple is almost always the most effective method.


Find your focus! What is it that you want to achieve? First let’s talk about some general ideas you could choose from:


  • Having a charity you want to give to while getting people in your door?

This is an effective tool, because people love to help others and get something in return! What you will need to do is choose a charity. For example, Toys for Tots, or your local Humane Society. Then give some expectations of what you want the donation to be. Like: Bring a $20 toy and receive 20% percent off your service. Post a sign in your Suite. Make sure to post it on your social media often!

  • Have a product or service you want to move?

Do a blitz! Use a service like Canva or another graphics editor, and jazz up a couple photos of the product or service to really blast your social media outlets with! Even better if you are offering some type of discount!


  • Want to sell out of gift cards?

Offering gift cards at a buy one full price, get one for a discount is usually a great selling point! People don’t mind spending full price for a friend, and getting a discount to spoil themselves! Make a few cute Canva designs to advertise your special deal and be sure to post it often! Also print and post a sign in your Suite!


  • Would you like to gain some repeat clients?

Do you have a product or service that you would love to ensure repeat business for? The end of the year is a great time to market a Membership plan! Choose the service that you would like to see these clients for. For example: facials, waxing, lash refills, whatever you wish you could have steady repeat clients on. And then determine either a yearly fee, or a monthly fee that allows them to come the amount of times necessary for that service! Think a tanning membership.


Regardless of what you choose, try to keep your brand in mind when creating the visuals. Be consistent in posting to your social media outlets. And make sure to post it clearly in your Suite so that your clients can take advantage!