One of the cool things about the freedom of having your own business, is doing and selling exactly what you want! Be loyal to the brands that support YOUR brand! Sell only what you believe in. Sounds pretty great, right?

Let’s talk about some key issues to ensure your success!

What products do you believe in?

What products do you use regularly? What products can you not live without?  When choosing what you are going to retail, it is really wise to choose products that you truly believe your clients will benefit from, and that are in line with your brand. Also, think about things that your clients may just enjoy taking home with them! A fun jewelry line. Cute little boutique-y kind of items! Having items on hand that you stand behind, or would purchase yourself make selling it so much more natural.

But I am not a salesperson!

We get it. You are a beauty professional, not a sales person. But hear us out… You spend a lot of time and energy getting your clients the look they want, right? Whether it is hair, skin, lashes, or pmu, they have made an investment in themselves to look great. The retail products that you sell are their insurance policy to make sure their investment is protected until their next visit! You are offering them something they need! Offer it with confidence, because you are the professional and know what will ensure their service lasts!

How to get those sales..

If you don’t regularly offer retail to your clients, it may seem unnatural at first. But it is just like anything else, practice makes perfect. The first thing to keep in mind is, the worst that can happen is they say no! Make a challenge for yourself to offer some kind of retail to every client for a month! Make it almost like a game with yourself, and see just how many yes’s you can get! A good way to offer it is: Because you invested in a Keratin treatment today, I really suggest you purchase this to really protect it and get the full value from it! Think about these during your service. Ask them their home care habits.

Retail is a huge investment.

It doesn’t have to be! Not at first anyway. Test the waters by carrying a few key components that you know are helpful to your top 2-3 services. Challenge yourself to offer them to every client for a month. With the profits you gain from that, you can grow your retail inventory from there!

The biggest suggestion that we have is to have fun with it! Make sure you believe that what you are offering will help your clients. And be patient with yourself while you grow the confidence you need to offer products consistently! We really believe it will be a surprising boost to your numbers!