Jim and Fran are the clients of Lisa Ricketts at Beauty by Lisa. They share cookies, and love, and hugs wherever they go! What draws us to them as our featured clients of the month, is that they are a true love story. And that is visibly evident, even if you don’t know them!

According to Lisa:

“They’ve been together since they were kids. They grew up on the same block. Jim used to walk her to the bus every day. Fran is a retired nurse. They both love baseball and each love the others rivals. Jim is a Red Sox fan and Fran is a die hard Yankees fan, lol. I’ve been doing Fran’s hair for 10 years now. They quickly became my “Florida grandparents” since mine are in Virginia, and they have always treated me like I was their family. They’ve been together for over 50 years and still hold hands wherever they go. It’s literally the cutest thing ever.”

As  I write this, I am scarfing down six perfectly shaped and baked molasses cookies that Jim made. He does all the baking and all the grocery shopping. They both say that is because Fran slows him down! He says that it is one of the secrets of their longevity. He also says the biggest secret is for the man to always say yes! You can’t be with them for long and not be laughing.

They actually met in 1947 when Jim was 3 and Fran was 6. Though they didn’t really know each other until they were 9 and 12. They lived on the same block and did, in fact, walk to school together. Fran left for nursing school after she graduated, and it was then that Jim realized he had fallen in love with her, at the age of 15. They married when he was 18 and a year and three days later, had their first of 4 kids. 3 boys and 1 girl. They will be married 63 years in May.

They have so many incredible stories, and are natural born story tellers. Going back and forth in the middle with details and giggles. It is infectious. They renewed their vows on their 25th anniversary, and again on their 50th. As a matter of fact, the renewals for their 50th anniversary was one of their favorite memories. Lots of thoughtful words were shared by friends and family they had acquired over the years, and it was very special. They fully intend to renew them on their 75th anniversary as well where he will be 93, and she will be 96!

They don’t seem to have any moments between them that made them want to throw in the towel. They have had some harrowing experiences over the years. But they have had more amazing than not. They love to travel together and have been all over the world. He decided at 8 he would pet a kangaroo at some point in his life. 60 years later he did, in Australia. They even spent their 60th anniversary in Aruba!

They believe that the real secret is that they base their life in faith. They are very active in their church, and surround themselves with other believers. This gives them vitality!

They are the kind of people you could talk to for days and never be bored. They definitely live life to the fullest. They enjoy each other. They live their life hand in hand.

Jim and Fran, we are so thankful that you are part of our J. Lee family! I will be looking forward to my hugs for many Fridays to come!