Salon suites continue to rise in favor of many upcoming business owners and for good reason! Although space is minimized a business can strive as you now become your own boss without the extreme switch to a huge monthly cost of a storefront. This allows you to build your brand and clientele to the next level while in your own customized suite!

What comes in a salon suite?

An average salon suite is around 100 Square feet and will come with the main necessities. For a hairdresser, this would include a styling chair, a mirror/station, and a washbowl. For aesthetics, this could include a service bed, a hand sink, and some storage space. With this in mind- the remaining contributions you bring should reflect on your brand in the best way possible. Here are some ideas on how to maximize your space in your salon suite.


You’d be surprised what amazing creations have been made for your benefit. One of these is tools that are made to be mounted for the purpose of saving space. This contains clutter in a modern and tidy way. One example is mounting hair dryers. These hair dryers are made to be flexible and rotate while being mounted to the wall (they are able to come right over the hair chair)! A common necessity many business owners in this industry invest in is proper lighting. You are able to buy mountable ring lights that give the perfect lighting for before and after photos as well as lighting for tedious treatments. This frees up floor space that would normally be used up by bulky stands and tangled cords.

Creative Walls

Using your space on your walls to your convenience is key! Optimize space by choosing shelving that can double for design and storage. This fun approach will grab your client’s attention without you even mentioning it. We’ve all been to a salon where the products are tucked in a corner collecting dust. If you’re in the industry you understand how important sales are- while owning your own business as well this will be a focus of yours more than ever. Creative shelving will advertise your products for you in a new unique way.


Cabinets can be extremely beneficial to us salon suite owners when used properly! This is where the products will go that aren’t being showcased. The important thing to remember with cabinets is you won’t have a lot of them and to use the space smartly. Everyone knows the difference between stuffing your drawers with clothing compared to folding. Keep this space extremely organized and tidy to be able to maximize your space within your salon suite. An idea for this is labelling. Labelling will be your best friend to keep this area as efficient as possible. An example is; if you’re offering different services, label a bin for each specific service and have exactly what you need to carry out that service in each bin. This makes it extremely easy when switching from different services and keeps everything clean and tidy!


Along with choosing shelving that can double for storage space- lighting can be given a similar mindset. Everyone remembers an extraordinary light fixture they once saw and that gave them a wonderful feeling. In a small space, picking decor that serves a bigger purpose helps maximize space. Choosing a bold or customizing light piece is a great way to add a pop to your salon suite while decorating as well. This keeps the decor out of the way, unlike something that would be on the ground. This also allows you to express your brand in a creative way without giving a feeling of clutter. With decor, don’t overfill your suite with too many things in general. Using space on your walls like mirrors will help make the space feel as big as possible unlike random clutter on the ground which will do the opposite.

Salon suites can change the outcome of your future business when executed properly. By maximizing space you create a great experience for your clients and yourself. For more tips on your business, we invite you to explore our website for your benefit. For example; find tips on how to rock your retail sales! For any further inquiries or questions don’t hesitate to contact us at or call us at (239) 676-6539.


Article written by Alexandra Fox