The cheerful Holiday season is approaching us. Don’t miss out on this festive season to boost up your advertising game. Stay in touch and maybe even give back to your clients. Remember to thank them for the year that made you so successful or that motivates you to grow in the future! Keep reading to learn 7 social media and advertising strategies to take you to the next level in 2020.


1. Year In Review

As a confident business, there is no harm in broadcasting your yearly achievements or updates. This can create a sense of credibility with your clients, making them continue to choose you. Post some proud throwbacks and achievements you’ve made throughout the year and don’t hesitate to sneak peek at the year to come!


2. Festive Google Review

A good review is worth more than we remember sometimes! To thank guests for their business- create holiday cards to hand out to each client when finishing their service. On the back of these festive cards, you can create a coupon option to receive x dollars off their next service when leaving a google review on your page. This is a wonderful exchange of data for a discount which will help towards your yearly revenue


3. Plan Ahead

Now is the time to get the last couple of months of the year in order. Don’t leave promotions and advertising to the last minute. Start planning now when & what you want to take place till the new year. Social media post planners are a great way to stay organized on Instagram and other platforms. This will help you successfully achieve the goals you’d like while broadcasting your brand and what you have to offer! 


4. Decorative Packaging

If you sell products, consider printing limited edition packaging for the season. This is a fun way to show your festive spirit. If you don’t have your products this idea can still be used to make custom product stands with a fun cheerful look. Lastly, don’t forget about tissue paper! When customers purchase from your suite, appealingly wrap the products. This may get gears turning in your clients’ heads to purchase gifts for friends and family at your location for this holiday season!


5. Holiday Give-Away

The classic holiday giveaways are always a success! Depending on your choice of admission rules, you can get lots of coverage. This could include an influx of followers on social media, story reposts, friends tagging their friends, or even word of mouth mentions. All of these will create a well worth flow of business to kick off the festivities. Remember to use a name generator for your draw to prove legitimacy and gain trust with your future & current clients!


6. Create Sense of Urgency

Make sure your promotions are not to be missed! Create urgency and post reminders to make clients act now. This strategy can be used in the future at your suite but is very effective during the holiday season. Consider a temporary countdown feature on your website to encourage this. 


7. Holiday Card Email 

Everyone loves a tasteful holiday greeting. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to wish your clients a happy holiday via email. This could include a promo code to generate more sales or even a link to give a review if they are feeling generous. Never make the promotion pushy and focus on the content greeting, as holidays are a time to thank our wonderful clients.

Make the most on social media and with advertising this winter, and evening carry on some of these tips in the future! Start 2021 off right with a successful holiday season in the books. We would love to hear your success or any questions you have regarding any of our tips or salon suites; we welcome you to contact us at for any further questions.


Article written by: Alexandra Fox