The excitement of the cheerful December month that is filled with twinkly lights, tradition, and family can sometimes be forgotten when thinking about the upcoming workload. The beauty industry thrives on this season, but a balance is important to keep you sane. Especially when your business is in a tropical paradise where people like to spend their holidays. This can increase business by two or three times the regular amount. We’ve provided some tips to keep you organized so you can focus on what’s important during this season.


Scheduling Apps

Work smarter not harder! Scheduling apps are a great way to be sure you are utilizing your time in the most beneficial way possible. Having a scheduling app for your personal life is just as key when you are busy as having one for your business. Use that calendar! As for your business, having a scheduling app for your business that is accessible on your phone makes things much easier. In the hustle and bustle of juggling a business and a personal life the ability to be flexible and book, or make changes, to your schedule as needed is a must. Some great scheduling apps include; Setmore, Appointy, Shedul, and Doodle.


Setting Healthy Boundaries

Remember not to burn yourself out. Wanting to help everyone comes with the service industry but the reality is, you can’t always fit them all in. Make sure to set specific hours to work and specific hours to take off. Start tracking your week loads and notice when you feel burnt out, then reflect on the hours/type of week you had. Use this information to adjust your schedule in the future. With quality comes passion, and you don’t want to be dreading the very thing you love!


Being Present

We can all be at fault for this sometimes – not being present. When you’re off work it’s hard not to start scrolling through emails, as it is so accessible today. Try and avoid this and leave the work for when it’s time to work. In today’s success driven society we have to remind ourselves; just because we can access the work, doesn’t mean it’s time to do it. Take actual breaks and do things you enjoy that are minimal stress during your time off. Being present with family and friends is valued more than we often recognize.


Don’t Stress Over Little Things

We will start by saying this tip is not meant to say little things don’t matter, but instead not to overthink them. When dealing with countless clients you are bound to make mistakes. Don’t be too hard on yourself and dwell on these mistakes. Immediately, take what is needed to be learned from the scenario and start applying it right away. Resolve the issue and don’t look back. We are so critical of ourselves, it’s hard not to get caught up in it. No one is perfect and this is not an expectation that should be made for yourself, especially during the chaotic season. Keeping your mind on what’s important will keep you on track for a less stressful work environment and help you stay in the right mindset.


Make Time for You

Having time specifically for you and you only is just as important as spending time with loved ones. Depending on you, this is needed more for some than others, but everyone needs a little “me time”. This can be done by waking up early and having some relaxing time alone before work, when you get home from work, or even before bed. Some examples could be; going for a walk, meditation/yoga, watching a movie, having a relaxing bath, going to grab a coffee alone, or even working out. If you are in an industry where you are always around people, this break can become exactly what you need.


This holiday season let’s work towards keeping the passion high and the stress low! These tips can help maintain a proper healthy state so you can enjoy your time outside of work exactly how you please. Let us know how these tips helped you or contact us for general inquiries at


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Article written by Alexandra Fox