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Imagine Your Potential: Salon Suite Profit Calculator

Author: Jacey Lee, Founder of J. Lee Salon Suites

Calculate Your TRUE Earning Potential

Once licensed, all cosmetologists face the same decision – either join a traditional commission-based salon OR independently rent a space. Commission salons are popular because they take care of all of the salon’s expenses and facility up-keep. In exchange, they also tend to control the professional’s schedule, billing, retail opportunities, and ultimately, earning potential. 

Making the leap from commission pay to ownership can seem daunting if you’re doing it for the first time. Just remember that staying profitable simply means controlling your expenses while maximizing your revenue (NO salon will succeed with an empty appt. book, that’s just facts). Salon suites like J. Lee help you budget your business by charging one weekly licensee fee that doesn’t change for the life of the contract.  

Are you wondering if you could go independent with your client base? Use the calculator below to estimate your TRUE earning potential.

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Your Current Earnings

Estimated Weekly Service Sales:


What % of service sales do you earn?


Estimated Weekly Retail Sales:


What % of retail sales do you earn?



Salon Suite Expenses

Weekly Salon Suite Rent:


Miscellaneous Weekly Expenses:



See The Difference!

Current Profit:


Salon Suite Profit:


Annual Profit Difference:


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