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Making the Switch: How to Keep & Grow Your Clientele

Author: Jacey Lee, Founder of J. Lee Salon Suites

Real stylists answer your burning questions about transitioning to a new workplace

Thinking about a change of scenery? There’s a lot to consider before you make the leap from one chair to the next! 


Whether you’re moving from a commission-based salon or a salon suite down the road, those nerves you’re feeling are totally normal!  


One of the most common concerns we get? Keeping and growing clientele. 


“Will my existing clientele follow me? How will I add new clients?” These are questions we hear from transitioning stylists every day.

If maintaining clientele is a concern for you, then you’re not alone! J. Lee Salon Suites has helped hundreds of stylists navigate this new territory. 


Today, we’re here to address your concerns head on and give you the confidence you need to make the right decision for your business! 


Some of the best advice we can offer comes from real-life stylists who have been in your shoes before. 


Let’s start by sharing answers to some of your most basic questions: 

Why a salon suite?

"Get that suite and keep what you work hard for! I used to work for a salon and the owner took 60% AND made us buy everything ourselves, YUP everything. Needless to say we all left her and so did everyone else after us … Be careful who you work for and make the best decision for yourself."


“If you open it ‘they will come’ is what my daughter told me. I never thought I was business minded myself but found out how great it is to be on my own. I love love love being on my own. Wish I would have done it years ago.”

Ellen Ambrose

But, will my clientele follow me?

“I moved to a salon suite that’s 30 minutes from me & most if not all followed me! The clients who love you & your work will follow you no matter what. It’s so scary at first but so worth it in the long run!”

Darian Steele

“I would take this risk. Yeah you might lose some of your clients but you will gain more. You have to be happy where you’re at otherwise it will eventually start showing in your work. Do what’s best for YOU!”


“I moved into my own studio 25 miles from my last commission salon and had no problems. Loyal clients will commute and new clients are always to be made with no ties to old pricing.”


How do I add new clients?

“You can do it! Trust me! Promote yourself a lot on social media. All the clients you take, give them a card with all your info (Instagram page, phone number, Facebook page) and once you move announce it the faithful ones will follow!”

Karina Ramos

Wrapping it up...

Remember – It’s completely natural for you to be concerned about your clientele! But, rest assured: Those who value your work will follow you wherever you go. And with the right approach, it’s easy to add new clients and grow your business! 


If you’re looking for more autonomy but want the support of a larger community, then salon suite ownership may be for you.


J. Lee Salon Suites empowers its owners by giving them free rein of their space, while offering a full-time concierge, spacious pro lounge and 24/7 security.


Now, we’ll leave you with this recommendation from @monicapicc07:

“Don’t be afraid. Go for it. My only regret is that I didn’t do it sooner.”

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